Saturday, December 15, 2007

4D Prediction: Prediction Numbers Evening Distributed

Look like the total number of predicted numbers are back to normal, ~35(PEM24), meaning that the potential for Top 3 Prizes are high today. Hopefully every one read this post before the betting booth closes.

New numbers appearing for the 24PEM: 0235, 0247, 0259, 0378, 3489, 2459. Generally, I dont really like those with 0, but I give 0235 the exception as I have win some $$ on this numbers long time ago. The rest is ok, but do your own research first. (remember these are sorted numbers, Ibet if you can afford. Good luck on going direct)

12PEM, 1179, 1556, 5567. No recommendation, as I don't really have luck on 12PEM numbers.

Go to to generate the entire list.
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