Sunday, December 30, 2007

4D Prediction: 1st Prize and 3rd on Sunday

On Wednesday there are 6 prizes from the prediction, mainly starters and consolidation prizes. So, I decided to update the Wednesday 4d results in to my prediction site, and run new prediction for Saturday and Sunday.

[wednesday prediction and winnings]

It is the right thing to do as two of the new predicted numbers came out 1st prize and 3rd prize in the Sunday draw. But unfortunately, I didn't bet on those, and was very sad that two of the numbers I was following I didn't place ibet on came out starters prize., 1234, 0449.

What a disappointment...

Sat&Sun prediction and winnings]
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

4D Prediction: Small Prize

Last week, i was hoping to have top three prizes winning numbers from the prediction, however, still only starters and consolation prizes. But at least, the drawn numbers were more from the prediction list that the week before. So, keep your head up and concentrate. :)
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

4D Prediction: Last week 4D Analysis

I lost my softcopy of the 4d prediction for last week, so I have to scan using my working copy. Well, this also give you insight to how I actually pick my numbers from the list. Every week, I will print a copy of the 4d prediction from my website and place it in my wallet.

You will also noticed that there are some numbers that I used a green highlighter on. These are new prediction numbers appearing in this week prediction. ( Please don't use this list, it is outdated.)

Then, if you have time, check all the predicted numbers ie, check history, how many prize won etc... (else just pick any of the number you like)

Always remember to place a small amount ibet if you only want to buy direct number. Please note also that the numbers in the prediction page are sorted from smallest digit to largest. So, these are not direct numbers to bet on.

Last week, not much happening, but a few small prize. Not worth mentioning., Hoping for Top prize this week. Remember to get your list printed out from
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

4D Prediction: Prediction Numbers Evening Distributed

Look like the total number of predicted numbers are back to normal, ~35(PEM24), meaning that the potential for Top 3 Prizes are high today. Hopefully every one read this post before the betting booth closes.

New numbers appearing for the 24PEM: 0235, 0247, 0259, 0378, 3489, 2459. Generally, I dont really like those with 0, but I give 0235 the exception as I have win some $$ on this numbers long time ago. The rest is ok, but do your own research first. (remember these are sorted numbers, Ibet if you can afford. Good luck on going direct)

12PEM, 1179, 1556, 5567. No recommendation, as I don't really have luck on 12PEM numbers.

Go to to generate the entire list.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

4D Prediction: I won Starter Prize

In the last post, I mentioned that the total no. of prediction are getting lesser and I have to update every draw results to make sure the "new" predictions are noted. ( Quite a bit of work)

Today, I concentrated on a few 12PEM numbers, no special reason, just thought that the "newly" predicted numbers are "nicer". So, I ibet on 1335, 1299, 3699 & 1237 (24 PEM). Well, very very lucky to have 1335 winning a starter prize. [ Didn't bet on 1335 direct, else more $$$]

( This month seems to have lots of repeated numbers, so please bet with carefully, and within your own budget!!!)


Sunday, December 9, 2007

4D Prediction: 2 Winning Tickets, Small prize

Week49 winning 2 times on wednesday and sunday, both small prize. It also occur to me why the number of prediction from my site is much lesser, it is really because numbers actually win a prize before I update the website. Normally, I update the database once every week, and therefore there might be new numbers showing up after the wednesday draw since my method is to eliminate those that happen. So, if I updated the database after every draw there should be some new numbers that showed up. ( For me that number is 3579 on sunday, and win a starter prize.)

Wednesday winning: 3079

Sunday Winning number: 3579

Sunday, December 2, 2007

4D Prediction: Winning only a consolation prize

Notice that this week 24PEM predictions as well as the 12PEM predictions are much lesser in numbers then before. Generally, 24PEM predictions have around 36~38 numbers and 12PEM has 70~80 numbers. This week, I only win a very small prize.