Saturday, November 10, 2007

4D Prediction: I won 1st Prize!!!

Many people has been asking me when I talk about my 4D prediction website, "How much did you win?", "It is really that your prediction works?". My answer has been a bit shy, but to ask him/her to take a look at my site, and if any of the predicted numbers look "NICE". They can play a small bet on it.

Well, I have been doing a little more than that, I check all the prediction from the last week, and compare it with the new prediction for this week to get new numbers appearing from the list. And Bingo! HardWork + LUCK = 1st Prize Winning.

Today, 10Nov2007, First Prize: 2765. I brought ibet $20 on 5627 (doesn't matter which arrangement). One Very Happy Man!!! $1600/-

PS: The other numbers are blacked out because they are my own private numbers. Not from the prediction. Sorry cannot disclosed.

3rd Prize also from the prediction list, 0569, but i didn't bet on it. So, congratulation to those who have bet on these numbers.

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