Thursday, September 6, 2007

4D Prediction - Methods


Statement 1. The idea is very simple, since all the numbers draw have equal chances of occurance, then every number from 0000 - 9999 will be drawn over a long period of time.

Statement 2. Since, Statment 1 is true. Then, it is possible to eliminate those numbers that occurred in the last few (X) draws. By elimination, the remaining numbers will have a significant higher propabalilities of occurance.

Statement 3: With 93.6% of the winning numbers from each draw is likely to be of type ABCD (50.4%) and AABC (43.2%), read, then, if we concentrate on these numbers and eliminate those set that occurs with the last few draws (X) , the probabilities increases further.

X = no. of previous draws used to eliminate those numbers that have occurred.


. I have created two list of unique set of numbers for ABCD type and AABC type. ABCD = 210 sets, and AABC = 360sets.
. I then run the software to check which numbers have not occurred in the ABCD sets and AABC sets against X no. of previous draws.
. Finally, the program return the sets that have not occurs over the last X no. of draws.

ABCD type will have around 30~40 sets not occurred during the X no. of draws.
AABC Type will have around 50~80 sets not occurred during the Y no. of draws.

1. You must keep track of the numbers every week, ( I update the result every monday, normally)
2. You will notice that some numbers disappear from the prediction each week. That is because they have win some prize in the last draw. So, they are eliminated. ( It does not mean, the number wont happen again)
3. Finally, how to choose the number? Well, dont have a good way yet. As I have missed many 1-2-3 prizes from my own prediction.:(.

How I choose:
- Personal numbers - if the list has my car number, 2268, then I know it is due!. then buy all permutation or ibet on 2268. And direct on my car number: 2862
- Nice numbers: 1668, If you check this number out, it win lots of 1-2-3 in the past, check on singapore pools, you can see which direct number to buy. Dont forget to ibet. ( Once, I forgot to mark ibet., cost me >$100 less winning )

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