Tuesday, August 7, 2007

4D Prediction: Basic

Many people are skeptical about 4D Prediction, I must agree somewhat to that feeling. Then again, why create a 4D prediction site/blog when I'm skeptical about it? Well, it is just because...

Before I start on the methods of 4D Prediction or forecast (some people might used), let us first understand the 4D game. You might like to know that taiwan has a similar lottery, 4 Star, based on the same principle of 4 Digits., Malaysia as well has at least 2 betting operators offering this kind of game. (GAMBLE?)

Fundamental of 4Digits

Yes, Fundamental. The game revolving around picking 4 digits numbers ranging from 0000 to 9999, which makes 10,000 numbers. If you are a
4D player like myself, you will want to know that is the best possible 4 Digits to bet on, right? Little did you know that we can break down the 4 digits numbers into various form. I will explain this.

When a player look at number 0000, 1111, 2222, ... 9999. It is going to be a miracle (really) if a wining prize comes from this kind of numbers. 4 of the kind
, AAAA type. ( Don't quote me saying it won't win any prize, but it is really not likely). From my database, only 0000 and 9999 win 4 prizes in the last 10years., others once or twice. So, if you are going to bet all your saving on such a number, I guess you better think twice.
NOTE: AAAA Type: 10 of them

Next, are those 4 Digits numbers with 000#, where # is any other number. This type is called AAAB. Number of permutation, 4. Total number of this type of number: 360 of them. 90 unique sets.

Type: AABB. 6 permutation. Total number of this type
of number: 270, 45 unique sets.

Most interesting is the last two, AABC, and ABCD type (Hope, you understand now)

Looking at the table above. You can easily see that your wining chances are revolving around these two type of numbers. ABCD and AABC, as both of them form 93.6% of the chances. But obviously, you still cannot bet on all the numbers. Understanding this fact, at least, you won't bet too much on those other types. (Again, not that they will not win but just that the probabilities are small)

Coming back to the AABC Type, there are 4320 numbers, with 12 permutation, you can worked out that the unique set of 360 sets to cover all the numbers in this group. As for ABCD, there are 5040 numbers, 24 permutation each, giving a total of 210 unique sets.

Some 4D Prediction Methods

1. Pray to get number. :P, 4D Players are very religious when it comes to their favorite games. Normally, they will go all out seeking super-natural powers to get the right number.

2. Ask the fish, LouHan Fish, use to be a great time for this fish, pick up numbered balls and allowing the owner (4D Player) to bet on the right number.

3. 4D Softwares are very popular, similar to my site. Analyzing the database of past results, providing the most weighted 1st digit, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.

4. Dream your number.

5. All your numbers from your car license plate, IC, credit cards, birth cert, Passport... etc...

Many others....

I will explain a bit more on my method in the next post.

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